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DEMON's A Ma Fuckin' Queer! I am posting this to prove I am gay!
Chagaev -v- Browne *spoiler*
Tavoris Cloud
My Bill Goldberg Tribute!
Favorite WWE Wrestler & Diva of All Time...
Shame Borsley
Fraudley Harrison "un-retires"
Lucas Brown -v- James Toney (spoiler)
Nate Campbell v Kevin Vizier
New #1 Contender For The "Divas Championship!!...
You Have To See This!!...
Anthony Mundine about to terrorise the States
Amir Khan got his ass handed to him
Da Man
Celeste Bonin, A.K.A. WWE's Kaitlyn!!...
Brock Lesnar damn near kills John Cena
Andy Lee is a turd.
End of the road?
Manny loses to Bradley on judges' cards...
Lights out, and not James Toney
Double Header, Hobart, Tas Australia, March 7 2012
WBA Female Super Bantamweight title
Mayweather v Ortiz
UFC 134 - Silva Vs. Okami!
IBF featherweight championship
Tough guys?
Wlad takes shot at HBO
Ann Wolfe on Real sports
Decent second half of 2011 boxing schedule
IBF Middleweight title (spoiler)
RIP, Henry Cooper
Naseem Hamed in the shit again
Mr. Paul Powder Gay vs The Devil
Mundine/Wood boilover
Haye TKOs Fraudley in 3
Pacquiao-Marg weigh-in, streaming, etc....
Manny-Marg fight
Clarence Tillman
Shannon the Cannon
Breaking News for boxing in this forum
Paul Williams is hysterical
Hey 2piss.
What Do You Bet, Ma Fuckas?
Saul Canelo Alvarez-Carlos Baldomir
Sonnen fails drug test
Charles Oliveira
ricky Hatton's recent scandals
Was Mayweather's ex gf subjected to Olympic-style testing
UFC 118 Predictions
"Not Good" Chad Dawson
Anderson Silva Is Going To Fuckin' DESTROY Chael Sonnen!!!!
How do you see these fights playing out
He is focused
No love for Bob probert in this place of all places?
Teddy Atlas
Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin
Shane Mosley vs. Sergio Mora is PPV
Check my betting
Andre Ward has not lost since he was 14 years old
Might as well post this here even thoough there are only
You gamble on boxing?
Yuri Foreman
Lull Period
I'll Make A Deal With You retards!
Chuck Liddell WILL Knock Rich Franklin The Fuck Out!!!!
New here
Yuri Foreman hype, hype for this fight...
Hasim Rahman vs. a professional diver
Todd Duffee
Who the fuck does Povetkin think he is?
Vitali KlitschkO Is GOD!
2nd best uppercutter in the history of heavyweight boxing???
Sylvia-Pudzianowski stream.
Paulie looked like shit
Katsidis/Mitchell spoiler
Robinson's sacred 128-1 streak
Another thing Kenny and I discussed
Yo, Sean
winner of FMJ Pac automatically enters the top 10 all-time
Nomination for worst active heavyweight in USA
Poor Ricky Hatton
Oh, this is hilarious.
Gentlemen, we may have our fight!
Could SRR ever NOT be the GOAT?
Shane looked old...but...
As we all predicted....
24/7 Mayweather/Richardson
Any Roy Jones Jr fans here?
Chael motherfucking Sonnen does it again
James Toney vs Randy Couture at UFC 118
UFC 113 looks good
Donald Cerrone broke my heart
Froch - Kessler
Best speakers in the sport right now
I hate to say it but...
Another meaniongless championship
Cash Flow is a BEAST.
PPV #'s predictions for Mayweather-Mosley
Nick Diaz
Pavlik really stunk it up tonight.
Devon Alexander
Floyd Mayweather vs. Emannuel "Burton" Augustus
Tony Thompson vs. Owen Beck
LA Times Mayweather article with like a million good quotes
"Uh, uh (*looks away*) I will knock him out."
Hey Hench!
Pro-Pacquiao articles on the internet
This just in: Julian Jackson could BANG.
Rocky Lockridge on 'Intervention'
Marvin Hagler vs. John Mugabi
NOW will ruiz kindly go away?
Hopkins vs Jones spoilers
David Haye/John Ruiz spoiler
Adamek-Arreola predictions
HBO hates Roy Jones
Predictions Thread for this Weekend
Rank who you think are the best fighters in the Super Six
Arthur Abraham
haha Joe Calzaghe gets screwed
Klitschko/Chambers spoiler
"Fat" Eddie Chambers is 209 and looks fat
Quote of the day
Super Man was right...
Vitali's Most Impressive Performance
Yeah, this is gonna be competitive
Kendall Holt/Kaiser Mabuza fight
Noriega-Velasquez video from saturday
Abraham/Dirrell fight off
UFC 109 I skipped this shit
For the muscleheads
Mayweather has a rematch clause n his contract against Shane
Jesse Brinkley damn
Look at the pics of Pac from the press conference
2010 looks to be a good year for boxing, BUT...
The Contender Australia + Mundine - Medley
Zack Page spoiler
Speaking of Ric Flair... (I am posting this to prove I am gay?)
May-Pac is off.
Ric Flair
UFC 108
Pacquiao - Malignaggi headed to PPV! Can't wait!
Floyd is amazing
Floyd Mayweather Will BEAT Manny Pacquiao!
Will the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight happen?
I see Manny Pacquioa ducked Floyd like a bitch
Pac's camp ask if Drug tests can be kept secret.
Merry Christmas, Boxing.Prediction.League.
Golden Boy fighters putting their foot down, Pac is screwed
Manny Pacquiao shows his fear of needles.
Vic Darchinyan
UFC 107 Link
Did you see Vitali take that cowards shades off
Lesnar illness diagnosed
Diego Sanchez vs BJ Penn
Where does Hopkins-Orneleous rank all time greatest fights?
Philadelphia hates Bernard Hopkins
Danny Green is a legend
Wouldn't it be cool if...
The Worst Officiating in the History of the Sport
Hopkins-Trinidad Round 10
Kessler/Ward spoiler
Impressive professional start for Uzbek boxer.
Excited for November 7.
WBC "Interim" International Super Bantamweight tit
Brad Pitt wins his pro debut by KO
The unthinkable has happened
Greatest moment in boxing history
Wladimir Klitschko recovering from Shoulder Surgery
Emanuel Augustus
Randy Couture
Carano got knocked out by that half man woman cyborg
Clit vs Nipple
Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin
Roddy "Hot Rod" White
This was fun to watch
This guy in my avatar
Haye Is A Joke!
Vernon Forrest dead
Floyd vs Marquez
For those who have On Demand
2009 looks to be going out with a bang
Diaz-Malinaggi this Saturday
Pac-Cotto in Nov
that english tourney of heavyweights they always show on tsn
Asian contender series....
Police accuse wife in death of boxing champ Gatti
Arturo Gatti Found Dead
the ultimate fight
Prime Mike Tyson
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